Marie Felt is a native of New Orleans. The inception of this book was driven and drawn from Marie's own unique life's story. Earlier on in her life, she encountered a secret life of emotional and physical abuse. During this time she endured many obstacles that often left her feeling hopeless. Through those hardships, her self-esteem began to wither away.  She became isolated and broken. Along that journey, Marie met many others just like her. It was the love and support of others, where she began to discover her inner strength, which rekindled her strong faith in God and recreated a new start in life.  It is through her transparency that has allowed her to reach the hearts and core of broken women.  Marie loves God and is a true worshiper from her soul.  Marie is now the founder of Mending Vines Ministries, a non-profit organization in Plano Texas. She is the proud wife of fourteen years to her amazing husband Calvin, the mother of three beautiful daughters Neka, Kera, and Kiersten. The grandmother of two energetic souls, Manuel and Saniyah.  Marie is a Minister of the Gospel, Christian Counselor, Mentor, Inspirational, Motivational Speaker, and now an Author.


When you hear the word broken, what comes to mind? Can you identify this word to some areas in your life? Sure you can, we all can at some point in our lives. To be broken may come in many different forms that can attack you by way of words and actions where situations can break you down emotionally, mentally and spiritually that will leave you completely empty. When I hear the word BROKEN, I relate it to my own life's journey who is a BELIEVER who is restored and who overcame falling to her knees while embracing the new ME. So often we as women allow our brokenness to turn into deep-rooted wounds, that turn into scars. In my book, you will read my story and what I used to overcome. I will share with you my struggles, my victories and guide you through your brokenness to becoming mended. I realized being broken will expose you to strength, resilience and power you never knew you had. It is my prayer and hope that my book will bring you deliverance, healing, and total restoration. 


In His Grip and Under His Influence,


Marie Felt

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